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Curious, Morbid, and Gruesome Anatomy in England

Exquisite Bodies: Gruesome wax models go on display
Andy Duckworth, The Guardian (August 24, 2009)

A short post on a really fantastic exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London. The exhibit, Exquisite Bodies, runs until October 18.


The Guardian ran a short video piece on the exhibit (tagged at the top) and it features Kate Forde, the Wellcome curator who put the exhibition together.

My friend Joanna Ebenstein was the Curatorial Adviser on the exhibit and take it from me: Joanna knows from dead bodies.

Joanna runs the Library of Morbid Anatomy in Brooklyn (on the banks of the lovely Gowanus Canal…) and she also edits the MUST READ Morbid Anatomy blog.

Finally, a WARNING….the Guardian video contains disturbing images…which is totally awesome.

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