We abhor incursions on personal privacy and maintain confidentiality with your personally identifying information.

Reference and Contact
If you ask us a reference question or contact us generally, we will respond via the email you provide. Select death-related reference questions and their answers will be posted to the site. These public posts will be identified with your first name or alias only, and your email will never be revealed. After the reference transaction is complete, all personally identifying information will be destroyed; likewise for general contact questions. Your email and any other information will never be used by us nor sold or transferred to others for marketing or any other purposes.

Death Ref Cookies and Stats
When using this site, cookies may be collected. For instance, your username may be retained in a comment form. If you comment on a post, your name and URL, if provided, will be publicly available (but not your email address). Web statistics such as referring URLs, search queries and browser usage may also be collected and analyzed for the purpose of improving the site.

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