As a site devoted to death, the content of the Death Reference Desk can be disturbing and potentially shocking or offensive to some viewers. While we avoid explicitly gratuitous depictions and descriptions of violent death, our standards of and stomachs for what is gratuitous may be different from your own. Questionable material may also be included if we deem it of sufficient interest.

You view the content of the site at your own risk.

Additionally, as professional librarians and academicians, we aim to provide accurate, current, unbiased and trustworthy information of general interest and academic research value. The Death Reference Desk is, however, a labor of love: We strive for timeliness but cannot guarantee it, nor can we guarantee the accuracy, completeness or validity of content. It is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as nor should replace professional legal, medical or spiritual advice.

The site and its contributors assume no liability for the content it provides and cannot be held responsible for any losses, inconvenience, injury or damages resulting from its display or use.

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