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How to Build a Survivor Library Before the Grid Goes Down — Embalming Books Included

The Survivor Library
One the Media, WNYC Public Radio (2014 and 2015)

WNYC’s radio show On The Media is a constant source of solid information for the Death Reference Desk.

OTM has run the following story a few times and it’s worth listening to.

In a nutshell, a group of volunteers are creating something called the Survivor Library in the event a massive solar event ever takes down the electrical grid.

OTM explains:

In 1859, a solar storm threw an electromagnetic pulse at Earth so strong, it fried the telegraph system. A whole lot more is on the line now. Bob speaks with Rocky Rawlins of the Survivor Library about his preparations for getting zapped back to a time before computers and an electric grid.

In the interview, Rocky Rawlins explains that one of the industrial era technologies that the Survivor Library documents is 19th century embalming.

Death Ref can only hope that somehow everything we’ve done also contributes to the post-grid world!

Check out the library. In the dark. Alone.

Survivor Library, or…How to survive and prosper without Modern Technology

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