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Virtual Graves for Armistice Day

How to visit a Virtual Grave
Alison Winward, The Guardian (November 10, 2010)


Armistice Day Marked Around the World – In Pictures
The Guardian (November 11, 2011)


The War Graves Photographic Project
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

A quick post for Armistice Day (in the UK), Veterans Day (in the US) and Remembrance Day (in Canada). A few years ago, volunteers began amassing online photos for The War Graves Photographic Project. People can search online for graves all over the world and see images of the gravestones. The Guardian article at the top discusses the project and how it got started.

As of right now, it looks like the graves are only for the UK and Commonwealth Nations. That said, it seems like something which will catch on in America.

Thanks Veterans, one and all.

— The Death Reference Desk.

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I am the chap that co-ordinates the War Graves Photogrpahic Project as mentioned in the artcle. Unfortunateky we only take pictures of American servicemen that are buried within CWGC Cemeteries. We have tried photographing American war graves but your American Battle Monuments Commission will not give us permission to photograph them en bloc so to speak.

Sorry about that.

we do cover every other nationality though



Steve: Many thanks for the further information. The American Battle Monuments Commission will hopefully catch on down the road.

Thanks again.

— John.

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