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Where New York’s Unclaimed Dead Bodies Get Buried

Artist’s Study of Island Brings the Dead to Life
Adam Geller, Associated Press (October 30, 2010)


Hart Island Project
Melinda Hunt

This is a really compelling article about a New York burial ground for unclaimed bodies. Adam Geller, from the Associated Press, wrote a lengthy piece about both Hart Island (the cemetery) and artist Melinda Hunt, who turned Hart Island into a fascinating artistic project.

It’s a great read. You will find similar kinds of articles in the Death + The Economy section of Death Ref. There is no shortage of unclaimed dead bodies these days.

At top is a short section from a documentary entitled Hart Island: An American Cemetery.

One reply on “Where New York’s Unclaimed Dead Bodies Get Buried”

What a profound exploration – art and sociology combined for a stunning comment on our urban lives.
I ca’t wait to see the rest of Miranda’s film.
Thanks DRD, Glad the good funeral guide blog is so hip.
Warm good wishes, James

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