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Welcome to the Death Reference Desk! We scour the web and beyond for All Things Death: the bizarre, the batty and the beautiful, from interesting blogs and recommended books to commentary and analysis of death in the news. We’re talkin’ good death. Bad death. Interesting, bizarre, nuanced death. Culturally and politically charged death. Scientific death and the ideas over time that have gripped the heart and mind regarding what it is and what happens thereafter.

We are also a bona fide reference desk. Have a death-related question? Ask us!

John Troyer Dr. John E. Troyer, Ph.D. | john@deathreferencedesk.org
John is the Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath, England. See his research interests and publications. This TEDx Talk on Future Death Technology also gives good insight into his work. His father is a funeral director, but this explains less than you’d think.


megdeathref Meg Holle, MLIS | megholle@deathreferencedesk.org
Meg created and maintains the website and helps answer your questions. Someday she will die. In the meantime, she’s working as a reference librarian and eating a taco in Austin, Texas. Learn more about her at megholle.com.


kimsmall2 Kim Anderson, MLS | kim@deathreferencedesk.org
Kim is a library administrator living (but not yet dying) in Portland, Oregon. Kim has always been fascinated by the mysteries of death and, being a curious sort, is interested in exploring a wide range of death-related topics. Contributing to this project is a way to gain understanding and share information with others. Should she die before she wakes, she wants to be turned into a Reef Ball.

Please note: While we aim for respectful, scholarly treatments of death and dying, you may find some of the content here or linked from here disturbing (full disclaimer).

Lastly, we don’t apologize for our morbid senses of humor. Sorry.